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Wax Poetics Issue 46

George Benson’s journey from child singer to
fathering the genre of smooth jazz.

Keyboardist George Duke forged a new path and
ruled the R&B charts with eccentric funk.

Mainstream Records embraced a funky bunch of
modern jazz players and soul singers.

Billy Cobham was the most technical and disciplined
drummer to ever stay in the pocket.

He was a young drummer trying to keep up in the serious
world of spiritual jazz. Then Norman Connors traded
the rigorous life for expensive cars, fashion models, and
R&B hits.

Rising from the fertile musical soil of Queens, New York,
a group of musicians formed a tight bond and called
themselves the Jamaica Kats.

Phil Cohran is the embodiment of spiritual jazz.
john coltrane’s three-song demo for Africa/Brass
sees the light of day.

Also includes:

record rundown with dj soulscape

nostalgia 77

bobby robinson REmembered

Towson State University Jazz Ensemble,
Randy Weston, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Los
Exciters, and Fred Tompkins Re:Discovered

Analog Out: Can’t Stop the Prophet.