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Αύριο (12/5)!!! Rest of rock/psych/garage/surf/folk boxes!!! Plus Greek, Other Sounds, Library, Indie, New Wave, Alternative, European!!!

Συνέχεια με τα υπόλοιπα Psych, folk, garage, country, prog, rock & roll και πολλών ακόμη rock lps!!! Μαζί τους Greek, Other Sounds, Library, Indie, New Wave, Alternative, European τίτλοι!!! Μια πρόχειρη 22αδα τίτλων που θα καταφθάσουν το απόγευμα της Πέμπτης, φιγουράρουν παρακάτω!!! Digggg!!!

Paladin “s/t” (Epic)

People “I Love You” (Capitol)

Power Of Zeus “Gospel According To” (Rare Earth)

Small Faces “Ogdens Nut Gone Flake” (Immediate)

Sundowners “Captain Nemo” (Decca)

Sweet Pain “Sweet Pain” (Mercury)

Syndicate Of Sound “Little Girl” (Bell)

Thorinshield “s/t” (Philips)

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band “Volume Two” (Reprise)

Popol Vuh “Affenstunde” (Liberty)

Axis “s/t” (Riviera)

Steve Reich “Music For 18 Musicians” (ECM)

Blacklight Chameleons “Inner Mission” (National Brain Child)

Brood “Vendetta!” (Estrus)

The Clash “London Calling” (Epic)

Fear “The Record” (Slash)

Roland S. Howard & Lydia Lunch “Some Velvet Morning” (4AD)

Morphine “Yes” (Ryko)

Now Time Delegation “Watch For Today” (In The Red)

The Orchids “Unholy Soul” (Sarah)

Savage Republic “Tragic Figures” (Independent Project)

V/A “Dead Tech. No Wave From Japan” (Dossier)