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Jula De Palma / Peter Herbolzheimer / Milan Pilar & Friends (sonorama releases)

JULA DE PALMA – Jula In Jazz (cd/lp)

A much-needed look at the music of Italian jazz singer Jula De Palma – presented here in a set that includes material from her two rare self-titled 7″ EP releases – plus other sessions from the mid 60s! Jula sings in English on most tracks – but also does a bit of Italian on a few especially compelling numbers – and backing is mostly small combo, with instrumentation light enough to keep De Palma strongly in the lead on most numbers – sometimes singing with a sultry style that’s not unlike Julie London in the late 50s, sometimes swinging things a bit more into the Chris Connor side of the spectrum. One set of numbers feature some great guitar from Franco Cerri – and titles include «Night & Day», «Che Cosa C’E», «I’ve Got You Under My Skin», «Everything Happens To Me», «One For My Baby», «Blues In The Night», «Just One Of Those Things», «1000 Ragazzi Fa», and «Un Vecchio Dixieland».

PETER HERBOLZHEIMER – Soul Puppets (cd/lp)

Jazz funk sound library material from a master – previously unknown early-to-mid 70s recordings from lengendary trombonist and arranger Peter Herbolzheimer – sunshine big band grooves, steamier numbers with Latin percussion, funky organ, playful brass, wordless vocals and more – incredible stuff! Amazingly, none of these recordings have been released commercially before now, all of it produced from 1970 to 1975 and featuring one heck of a roster of musicians – Art Farmer, Herb Geller, Dusko Goykpvich and others. Amazing! Includes «Latin Groove», «Count Down», «Botofogo», «Groovy Spider», «Hot Spot», «Honkey Tonk Monkey», «Windy Corner», «Walking Tiger», «Why Is The Sun Never Crying», «Smiling Lips» and more.

MILAN PILAR & FRIENDS – Bali Jazz Impressions (4 tracks, 12”)

«East Meets West»-Library Jazz by session group around Czech composer and bass player Milan Pilar, produced 1978 in Munich and conducted by Freddie Brocksieper, feat. Charly Tabor, Pepe Solera, Heribert Thusek, Nippy Noya, Rudi Fuesers and Hans van der Sys.