Teranga Beat / Desert (Strut) / Music On Vinyl – RSD Releases

Front Cover silkscreen II

TERANGA BEAT proudly presents DIEUF-DIEUL de THIÈS in their first ever edition.
Th ree singers ASSANE CAMARA, BASSIROU SARR and GORA MBAYE together with their chef d’orchestre and guitar player PAPE SECK (an ex-member of GUELEWAR) compose traditional rhythms from all the regions of Senegal, with fuzz guitars, horn sections and hallucinatory percussion. The result is an explosive mixture of an Electric Psychedelic sound with the wisdom and superiority of the musical traditions of the region, a crossover of AFRO-MANDING and AFRO-JAZZ, in which each singer guides the 13-member band in a different direction.
Even today this 32 year old recording sounds futuristic and it is really rather weird that DIEUF-DIEUL never had the chance to release an actual album. Aw Sa Yone Vol.1 includes the biggest part of their second recording and the double LP comes in a special edition with a Silkscreen print cover with a large poster and included in, the CD booklet photos and liner notes outlining the group member’s careers.
There was no other group in Senegal with such a variety of cultural background and a strong identity. Senegalese music at its BEST!
We hope you will enjoy.

Following up on our retrospective of the legendary UK music library KPM, we’ve put together a limited, vinyl reissue of one of our favorite Italian library LPs (the originals of which, it should go without saying, are very tough to come by). The 1979 concept gem Desert is composed and arranged by Antonio Vuolo and Elio Grande, originally was released on small Italian label, Cardium.

The instrumentation features early electronics to set a cosmic tone, and the album regularly recalls early Tangerine Dream. Stand-out tracks include the haunting slo-mo breakbeat «Leaving,» mellow electroscape «Transvesuvian» and the solid jazz fusion jam «Take Flight.»

As a Record Store Day exclusive, we’re reissuing the full album, mastered from the original reels for the first time since its original issue, and with artwork restored from the original lithographs.


Music On Vinyl will release a special run of 16 Record Store Day titles from a multitude of legendary artists, including Mad Season, Sly & the Family Stone, Jimi Hendrix, Rory Gallagher, Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley and more.  All Record Store Day products from Music On Vinyl will be available throughout Europe for selected participating record stores.  All items are produced in limited numbers, are individually numbered and pressed on heavy, quality vinyl.



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