The Sound Explosion / Basements & Kumari (Lost In Tyme)


The brand new release on Lost In Tyme Records is a split 7” single, by two of our fave Greek garage bands. On A-side, The Sound Explosion from Athens, with their farfisa driven garage stomper “Every day and night” (this song was recorded for the compilation “Going Primitive”, a compilation which unfortunately never released). On B-side, The Basements from Thessaloniki (with some changes on their line up) give us an exploding garage r’n’b stomper “Stop rolling”. Wyld garage sounds for real cavemen! Lim. edition of 300 black and 200 orange copies.


The Kumari is a new garage band from UK. Formed in early 2012 featuring two members of Speak and The Spells (Alex Felstead on drums and Benjamin Craven on guitar), Claude Pelletier of The Vinyl Stitches (vocals, guitar) and Phil Istine, mostly known from the Happening club and Shindig! magazine. Their debut 7”ep released in early 2013 on Heavy Soul Records. Lost In Tyme Records proudly presents their brand new 7”ep release with three original recordings (Watching you, She was mine, The time is now) plus a brilliant cover on the 60’s teen garage stomp, I’m sad by The Black & the Blues (NJ, Usa). Authentic slices of garage pop jangle and folk-punk circa 1965!!! Limited edition of 300 black and 200 red copies



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