Friends Swap Meet / Rock & Roll Circus Record Store Day Part 2 / More RSDs / USA Box 1


Πολλά και διάφορα για το δεύτερο μέρος του φετινού RSD. Το Σάββατο 26 Απριλίου, παρέα με κάμποσες ακόμη rsd κυκλοφορίες που θα φτάσουν ετεροχρονισμένα στα ράφια μας (Daptone, Numero & more), μερικοί εκλεκτοί φίλοι θα γεμίσουν το πατάρι μας με δίσκους από την προσωπική τους δισκοθήκη για να στήσουν ένα βινυλιακό πάρτυ, φτιάχνοντας για μια ημέρα το μικρό τους προσωπικό δισκάδικο.

Την ίδια στιγμή μια πρώτη γεύση από την νέα μας αμερικανική παραλαβή θα σας περιμένει. Παρακάτω μια τυχαία rsd και usa new wave/post punk/indie /alt imports επιλογή


Charles Bradley – I Hope You Find The Good Life (Daptone)

Sharon Jones Dap Kings – Dap Dippin With (Daptone)

Agitation Free – Shibuya Nights

Dinosaur Jr – Visitors (Numero)

Omar Souleyman – Jazeera Nights (Sublime Frequencies)

& more

USA Box 1

A Certain Ratio Force Factory

Abstractions s/t Reptyle

Alpaca Brothers Legless Flying Nun

Always August Black Pyramid SST

Anahata June Of 44 Quarterstick

Anderson,Laurie Big Science Warner

Anderson,Laurie United States Live Warner

Anderson,Laurie Mister Heartbreak Warner

Anderson,Laurie Home Of The Brave Warner

Autumn Cathedral Asleep Within Waves Epithet

Antietam Burgoo Triple X

Associates Sulk Sire

Associates Perhaps WEA

Bevis Frond Through The Looking Glass Reckless

Blondie Parallel Lines Chrysalis

Blondie Parallel Lines Chrysalis

Blue Nile Hats A&M

Buzzcocks A Different Kind Of Tension United Artists ]

Chesterfield Kings Stop! Mirror

Cabaret Voltaire 2×45 Rough Trade
Cabaret Voltaire Crackdown Virgin

Cabaret Voltaire Micro-Phonies Virgin

Keane Hopes And Fears Island

Circle Jerks Group Sex Frontier

Cocteau Twins Treasure 4AD

Cocteau Twins Tiny Dynamine 4AD

Costello,Elvis Trust Columbia

Costello,Elvis Imperial Bedroom Columbia

Costello,Elvis Armed Forces Radar

Cynics Twelve Flights Up Get Hip

Brouhaha Silent Weekend no label

Depeche Mode Speak & Spell Sire

Danny & Dusty Lost Weekend A&M

Droogs Kingdom Day PVC

Echo & The Bunnymen Ocean Rain Sire

Fleshtones Live In Paris 85 IRS

Fleshtones Roman Gods IRS

Fleshtones Vs Reality Emergo

Fuzztones In Heat Situation Two

Gang Of Four Songs Of The Free Warner

Gang Of Four Hard Warner

Glaxo Babies Nine Months To The Disco Heartbeat

Glaxo Babies Put Me On The Guest List Heartbeat

Go-Betweens Tallulah Big Time

Go-Betweens 16 Lovers Lane Capitol

Gore,Martin L Counterfeit EP Sire

Green On Red No Free Lunch Mercury

Green On Red Gravity Talks Slash

Greene,Milo s/t Chop Shop

Haines,Emily & The Soft Skeleton Knives Don’t Have Your Back Last Gang

Nylon,Judy & Crucial Pal Judy On U Sound

Helmet Aftertaste Interscope / Epitaph

Jam Setting Sons Polydor

Jam All Mod Cons Polydor

Laibach Rekapitulacija 1980-84 Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien

Leaving Trains Kill Tunes SST

Mad Violets World Of Lolita

Madness One Step Beyond Sire

Magic Dragon Emotional Landscape Friends

Magazine Play I.R.S.

Magazine Correct Use Of Soap Virgin

Magazine Magic,Murder And The Weather I.R.S.

Psycho’s Mum A Sibilant Sin Woronzow

Public Image Ltd First Issue Virgin

Public Image Ltd Flowers Of Romance Warner

Raincoats s/t Rough Trade

Ramones Leave Home Sire

Smashing Pumpkins Adore Caroline

Specials More Specials Chrysalis

Slits Return Of The Giant Slits CBS

Smiths Meat Is Murder Sire 85

Sonic Youth NYC Ghosts & Flowers Geffen

Sun City Girls Torch Of The Mystics Majora

Triffids Calenture Island

Uncle Tupelo March 16-20,1992 Legacy

Uncle Tupelo Still Feel Gone Legacy




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