Got Soul / Tomorrow!!

Το πρώτο μέρος της λίστας μερικών από τα soul lps που θα δείτε αύριο εδώ.


Average White Band    AWB   Atlantic

Bar-Kays         Black Rock      Volt

Bar-Kays         Gotta Groove   Volt

Bar-Kays         Soul Finger       Volt

Bartholomew, Dave      Classic New Orleans R&B Band Sound – Best Of        Stateside

Berry, Chuck    After School Sessions   Chess

Black Ivory      Don’t Turn Around       Today


Booker T. & The M.G.s           Melting Pot       Stax

Bristol, Johnny  Hang On In There Baby            MGM

Brown, James   Revolution Of The Mind           Polydor

Brown, James   Unbeatable       King

Brown, Shirley  Woman To Woman      Truth

Carter, Clarence           Dynamic           Atlantic

Charles, Ray     Crying Time      ABC-Paramount

Charles, Ray     Genius Hits The Road   ABC-Paramount

Clinton, George            Computer Games         Capitol

Coffey, Dennis  Evolution          Sussex

Crutcher, Bettye           Long As You Love MeEnterprise


Davis, Betty      s/t         Light In The Attic

Domino, Fats    Rock And Rollin’          Imperial

Domino, Fats    Walking To New Orleans         Imperial

Earth, Wind & Fire       Head To The Sky         Columbia

Flack, RobertaFirst Take         Atlantic

Franklin, Aretha            Live At Fillmore West   Atlantic

Franklin, Aretha            Soul ’69            Atlantic

Funkadelic        America Eats Its Young            Westbound

Funkadelic        Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow      Westbound

Funkadelic        Hardcore Jollies            Warner


Funkadelic        Maggot Brain   Westbound

Funkadelic        One Nation Under A Groove    Charly

Funkadelic        One Nation Under A Groove    Warner

G., Jimmy & The Tackheads     Federation Of Tackheads         Capitol

Gaye, Marvin   What’s Going On          Tamla

Gaye, Marvin & Terrell,TammiUnited  Motown

Haskins, FuzzyRadio Active    Westbound

Hazel, Eddie     Game Dames And Guitar Thangs          Warner

Holman, Eddie  I Love You       ABC

Hunter, Ivory Joe          s/t         Atlantic


Impressions      Preacher Man   Curtom

Ingram, Luther  I’ve Been Here All The Time     Koko

Instant Funk     Witch Doctor   Salsoul

Isley Brothers   It’s Your Thing  T-Neck

J.B.’s    Doing It To Death         People

Johnson, Syl     Uptown Shakedown     Hi

Knight, Gladys & The Pips       Nitty Gritty       Soul


Latimore           s/t         Glades

Little Milton      We’re Gonna Make It   Chess

Lucien, Jon       Song For My Lady       Columbia

Lutcher, Neelie             Real Gone!       Capitol

Mad Lads        A New Beginning         Volt




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