Pure Soul!!!

Magnum           Fully Loaded    Phoenix

Mandrill            Is         Polydor

Mar-Keys        Grest Memphis Sound  Stax

Mayfield, Curtis            Superfly            Curtom


Mayfield, Percy            Weakness Is A Thing Called Man         RCA

Mel & Tim       Starting all Over Again  Stax

Neville, Aaron  My Greatest Gift           Rounder

Otis, Johnny Show        Cuttin’ Up         Epic

Otis, Johnny Show        Original            Savoy


Parker, Junior   Outside Man    Capitol

Parker, Junior & Bland,Bobby  Blues Consolidated       Duke

Parliament        Chocolate CityCasablanca

Parliament        Funkentelechy Vs The Placebo Syndrome         Casablanca

Parliament        Live P. Funk Earth Tour           Casablanca

Pickett, Wilson Midnight Mover            Atlantic

Pickett, Wilson Wicked Pickett Atlantic

Price, Lloyd      Mr. Personality ABC-Paramount

Ravens Greatest Group Of Them All    Savoy

Riperton, Minnie           Perfect Angel    Epic

Ross, Diana & Gayes, Marvin   Diana & Marvin            Motown


Scott,Heron, Gil           Reflections        Arista

Scott-Heron, Gil           1980    Arista

Scott-Heron, Gil           First Minute Of A New Day     Arista

Scott-Heron, Gil           I’m New Here  XL Recordings

Scott-Heron, Gil           Moving Target  Arista

Scott-Heron, Gil           Moving Target  Arista

Scott-Heron, Gil           Reflections        Arista

Scott-Heron, Gil           Reflections        Arista

Scott-Heron, Gil & Jackson,Brian         BridgesArista

Simmons, Vessie          On My Own     Simco

Simon, Joe       Simon Pure Soul           Sound Stage Seven


Sledge, Percy   Take Time To Know Her         Atlantic

Sledge, Percy   Warm & Tender Love  Atlantic

Smith, Huey Piano & His Clowns          Rockin’ Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu          Ace

Starr, Edwin     25 Miles           Gordy

Stewart, Billy    One More Time The Chess Years         Chess

Temptations      Masterpiece     Gordy


Turner, Ike & Tina        Outta Season    Blue Thumb

Turner, Ike & Tina       Workin’ Together         Liberty

V/A      We Sing The Blues      Minit

Wonder,Stevie            Innervisions      Tamla

Wright,Betty    Hard To Stop   Alston



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