I Am The Blues


Allison,Luther   Bad News Is Coming   Gordy

Allison, Luther  Luther’s Blues   Gordy

Baker, Mickey             Jazz Rock Guitar          Kicking Mule

Copeland, Johnny         Dedicated To The Greatest       Kent


Dawkins, Jimmy           Transatlantic 770          Excello

Dixon, Willie     I Am The Blues            Columbia

Dupree, Champion Jack           Happy To Be Free       GNP Crescendo

Bloomfield-Hammond-Dr. John Triumvirate Columbia

Blues Project Projections Verve


Butterfield Blues Band East West Elektra

Butterfield Blues Band Resurection Of Pigboy Crabshaw Elektra

Butterfield Blues Band Keep On Moving Elektra

Butterfield, Paul Put It In Your Ear Bearsville

Guitar Slim Green         Stone Down Blues        Kent

Guy, Buddy      Buddy & The Juniors    Blue Thumb

Guy, Buddy      A Man & The Blues     Vanguard


Guy, Buddy      Left My Blues In San Francisco            Chess

Harris, Don Sugarcane  Sugarcane’s Got The Blues       MPS

Hooker, Earl    Sweet Black Angel       Blue Thumb

Hooker, Earl    Don’t Have To Worry   Bluesway

Hooker, John Lee         Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive    ABC

Hooker, John Lee         Detroit Special  Atlantic

Hopkins, Lightnin’         Free Form Patterns       Charly


Howlin’ Wolf    London Sessions          Chess

Howlin’ Wolf    This Is Howlin’ Wolf’s New Album       Cadet

Canned Heat Boogie With Liberty
Colwell-Winfield Blues Band Cold Wind Blues Verve

Dirty Blues Band s/t Bluesway

Hammond, John I Can Tell Atlantic

Hammond, John Sooner Or Later Atlantic


Hartley, Keef Band Little Big Band Deram

Korner, Alexis Get Off Of My Cloud Columbia

James, Elmore  Original Meteor & Flair Sides   Ace

Jefferson, Blind LemonKing Of The Country Blues       Yazoo

Johnson, Lonnie w Spivey, Victoria       Idle Hours        Prestige Bluesville

King, Albert     King,Does The King’s Things    Stax

King, Albert     New Orleans Heat        Tomato

King, B.B.        Live At The Regal         Ace

King, B.B.        Indianola Mississippi Seeds       ABC

King, B.B.        Confessing The Blues    ABC

King, B.B.        In London        ABC


King, B.B.        Soul Of            United

King ,B.B.        Incredible Soul Of        United

King, Freddie   Is A Blues Master         Cotillion

Lay, Sam          In Bluesland      Blue Thumb

Lenoir, J.B.      Natural Man     Chess

Little John, Johnny        Funky From Chicago    Bluesway

Mayall, John & The Bluesbreakers A Hard Road London
Mayall, John & The Bluesbreakers Bare Wires Decca

Mayall, John USA Union Polydor

Mayall, John USA Union Polydor


Mayall, John Back To The Roots Polydor

Mayall, John Back To The Roots Polydor

Mayall, John A Sense Of Place Island

Mayall, John Turning Point Polydor

Mahal, Taj        Giant Step / De Ole Folks At Home      Columbia

Mahal, Taj        Real Thing        Columbia

Mahal, Taj        Mo’ Roots        Columbia

Mahal, Taj        s/t         Columbia

Memphis Minnie           I Ain’t No Bad Girl       Columbia

Memphis Slim   South Side Reunion      Warner

Odetta  Sings Dylan      RCA

Odetta  At Carnegie Hall           Vanguard


Pryor, Snooky  Do It If You Want To   Bluesway

Reed, Jimmy     Down In Virginia          Bluesway

Robinson, Freddy         At The Drive-In            Stax

Rush, Otis        Tops    Blind Pig

Rush, Otis        Right Place,Wrong Time           Hightone

Shines, Johnny Country Blues   Stony Plain

Shines, Johnny, Nighthawk, Robert, more         Drop Down Mama       Chess

Spann, Otis      Blues Never Die           Ace

Spence, Joseph            Good Morning Mr. Walker       Arhoolie


Taylor, Koko   Basic Soul        Chess

Taylor, Koko   s/t         Chess

Thornton, Big Mama     Saved   Pentagram

V/A      Texas Guitar From Dallas To L.A.        Atlantic

Walker, Phillip  Someday You’ll Have These Blues        Joliet

Washington, Albert       Sad And Lonely           Eastbound

Waters, Muddy            Unk In Funk     Chess

Waters, Muddy            They Call Me Muddy Waters   Chess

Wells, Junior     You’re Tuff Enough       Blue Rock

Wells, Junior     Messing With The Kid  Charly

Savoy Brown Raw Sienna Decca

Musselwhite, Charlie Takin’ My Time Arhoolie

Rolling Stones Jamming With Edward Rolling Stones

Savoy Brown Blue Matter Parrot

Savoy Brown Hellbound Train Parrot

Dr. John Gris-Gris Atlantic

Williamson, Sonny BoyMore Real Folk Blues   Chess

Williamson, Sonny BoyBummer Road  Chess

Witherspoon, Jimmy     Handbags And Gladrags           ABC

Witherspoon, Jimmy     Hey Mr Landlord         Route 66

Witherspoon, Jimmy & McDuff,Brother Jack    Blues Is Now   Verve



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