A Letter Home Ltd & Usa Imports Rock Box


Neil Young «A Letter Home» (Ltd Box, Third Man)

Μαζί με το κουτί του Neil Young, μια κούτα με κάμποσα rock, psych, folk lps. Αύριο……..

Granmax          A Ninth Alive   Panama

Atkins, Chet     Progressive Pickin’        RCA

Cox, Danny      Birth Announcement     Together

Driscoll, Julie, Auger, Brian & Trinity    Open    Atco

Driscoll, Julie, Auger, Brian & Trinity    Streetnoise       Atco


Charles, Bobby            s/t         Chess

Danko, Rick     s/t         Arista

Donovan          Sunshine Superman       Epic

Donovan          Hurdy Gurdy Man        Epic

Gallagher, Rory            Tattoo  Polydor

Gallagher, Rory            Against The Grain         Chrysalis

Gallagher, Rory            Calling Card     Chrysalis

Gallagher, Rory            Photo-Finish     Chrysalis

Gallagher, Rory            Jinx      Demon

Frank, Bob       s/t         Vanguard


Hemmings, David         Happens           MGM

Ryder, Mitch & The Detroit Wheels      Take A Ride     New Voice

Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs           Their Second Album     MGM

Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs           Li’l Red Riding Hood    MGM

Spencer Davis Group   With Their New Face On         United Artists

Spencer Davis Group   Heavies            United Artists

Sinatra, Nancy & Hazlewood, Lee        Nancy & Lee Again      RCA


Flamin’ Groovies           Jumpin’ In The Night     Sire

Sopwith CamelMiraculous Hump Returns From The Moon      Reprise

Baker, Ginger   Eleven Sides Of Baker  Sire

Falconaires       Wanted            USAF

Doors   Strange Days    Elektra

Dr. Feelgood    Stupidity           United Artists

Endle St. Cloud            Thank You All Very Much        Decal


Eyes Of Blue    Crossroads Of Time     Mercury

Sunshine Company       s/t         Imperial

Havens, Richie  Mixed Bag       Verve

Hawkwind        Hall Of The Mountain Grill        United Artists

Hawkwind        Masters Of The Universe          Liberty

Hawkwind        Roadhawks      Fame

Farina, Mimi & Richard            Celebrations For A Grey Day   Vanguard

Farina, Mimi & Richard            Reflections In A Crystal Wind   Vanguard

Farina, Mimi & Richard            Memories         Vanguard


Jethro Tull        Aqualung          Chrysalis

Sinatra, Nancy & Hazlewood,Lee         Nancy & Lee   Reprise

Sinatra, Nancy Movin’ With Nancy      Reprise

Springfield, Dusty         In Memphis … Plus      Philips

Springsteen, Bruce        Born In The U.S.A.      Columbia

Eden’s Children            s/t         ABC

Fowley, Kim    International Heroes      Capitol

Steely Dan        Can’t Buy A Thrill         ABC


Stoughton, David          Transformer      Elektra

Young, Neil      s/t         Reprise

Young, Neil      Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere     Reprise

Young, Neil      Harvest            Reprise

Young, Neil      Rust Never Sleeps        Reprise

Young,Neil      Live Rust          Reprise

V/A      Instrumental Madness   Ostrich




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