post punk, new wave & more indie stuff


A.R.Kane         Sixty Nine        Rough Trade

Actuel  Things aka s/t   Tiki

Alexander, Willie & The Boom Boom Band       Meanwhile … Back In The States         MCA

Alien Sex Fiend            Impossible Mission       PVC

Alien Sex Fiend            Acid Bath         Anagram

Alvarius B        s/t         Abduction

Anderson,Laurie           O Superman     Warner

Animal Logic    s/t         I.R.S.


Animated          4 Song EP        Play Records And Tapes

Apollo Four Forty        Electro Glide In Blue     Stealth Sonic Recordings

Astley, Virginia  Hope In A Darkened Heart      Geffen

Asura   s/t         Non Projects

Auerbach,Dan  Keep It Hid      Nonesuch

B.Troop           Europeans        Illuminated

Barracudas       Drop Out…     Zonophone


Beat     I Just Can’t Stop It        Sire

Big Chief          Platinum Jive     Capitol

Biting Tongues  Don’t Heal        Situation Two

Blondie Eat To The Beat           Chrysalis

Blondie Little Doll Barbie

Bongos Numbers With Wings   RCA


Brood  Hitsville            Dionysus

Buckley,Jeff      Grace   Columbia

Buffalo Tom     s/t         SST

Clash    London Calling Epic

Clash    Sandinista!        Epic

Clash    Combat  Rock   Epic


Cocteau Twins Head Over Heels          4AD

Cocteau Twins Echoes In A Shallow Bay         4AD

Cocteau Twins Pink Opaque    4AD

Costello, Elvis    Get Happy!      Columbia

Costello, Elvis    Almost Blue      Columbia

Costello, Elvis    Imperial Bedroom         Columbia

Costello, Elvis    My Aim Is True            Columbia

Costello, Elvis    Armed Forces  Demon


Cribs    Men’s Needs,Women’s Needs,Whatever          Warner

Crime & The City Solution        Just South Of Heaven   Mute

Cult      Love    Beggars Banquet

Cult      Sonic Temple   Sire

Cure     …Happily Ever After    A&M

Cure     Concert The Cure LiveElektra

Cure     Top      Sire

Cure     Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me       Elektra

Cure     Between The Forest And The Sea . Robert Smith Interviews Volume 1Baktabak

Cure     Standing On The Beach . The Singles    Elektra


dB’s     Repercussion    Albion

dB’s     Stands For deciBels aka s/t       Albion

Dead Weather  Horehound       Third Man

Descloux, Lizzy Mercier            One For The Soul         Polydor

Destri, Jimmy     Heart On A Wall          Chrysalis

Devo    Q: re We Not Men?     Warner

Drowning PoolSatori   Nate Starkman & Son

Fire Engines      Aufgeladen And Bereit Fur Action Und Spass   Fast Product America


Foxboro Hot Tubs        Stop Drop And Roll!!!  Jingle Town

Geneva Further Nude

Germs  What We Do Is SecretSlash

Go Go’s           Beauty And The Beat   I.R.S.

Hayride            Elfin Magic       Capricorn

Hitchcock, Robyn          Fegmania!        Midnight

Hitchcock, Robyn          I Often Dream Of Trains           Midnight

Hitchcock, Robyn          Gotta Let This Hen Out!           Midnight

Hitchcock, Robyn          Invisible Hitchcock       Relativity

Hitchcock, Robyn          Element Of Light           Relativity

Hitchcock, Robyn          Eye      Twin Tone


Hives    a.k.a. I-D-I-O-T          Gearhead

Howling Dogs   Rock On George For Ringo One Time  Down Kiddie

Human League             Reproduction    Virgin

Human League             Travelogue       Virgin

Husker Du        Warehouse: Songs And StoriesWarner

Husker Du        Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely          Warner


Jam      Dig The New Breed     Polydor

Jam      Gift       Polydor

Janes’s Addiction          s/t         Triple X

Janes’s Addiction          Nothing’s Shocking       Warner

Japan   Adolescent Sex            Ariola

Japan   Gentlemen Take Polaroids        Virgin

Japan   Tin Drum          Virgin

Junkyard          s/t         Geffen


Keane  Hopes And Fears         Island

Kinsellas, Tim    He Sang His Didn’t He Dance His Did Troubleman Unlimited

Leaving Trains  Kill Tunes         SST

Linkin Park       Reanimation      Warner

Long Ryders     Two Fisted Tales          Island

Lords Of The New Church       s/t         I.R.S.

Meloy, Colin     Sings Live!       Jealous Butcher

New Order      Power Corruption & Lies         Factory

Nocturnal Emissions     World Is My Womb     Earthly Delights


Offspring          IgnitionEpitaph

Pandoras          Stop Pretending            Rhino

Penetrators       A Sweet Kiss From Mommy    E&M

Plasticland        s/t         Pink Dust

Plimsouls          Zero Hour        Beat

Plimsouls          s/t         Planet

Rapeman          Budd    Touch & Go


Slipknot            Iowa    Roadrunner

SPK     Zamia Lehmanni Songs Of Byzantine Flowers   Side Effects

Stranglers         Black & WhiteA&M

U2       October           Island

U2       Unforgettable Fire         Island

U2       Joshua Tree      Island


U2       Rattle And Hum            Island

U2       Boy      Island

U2       War     Island

Undertones       All Wrapped Up           Capitol

Unrest Work & Play     InformsRecommended

V/A      Battle Of The Garages  Voxx

V/A      Amnesia           Ebbulition

V/A      Downtown NYC          Virgin

Vetiver Errant Charm    Sub Pop

Violent Femmes            s/t         Slash

Violent Femmes            Violent Femmes 3         Slash

Wylde Mammoths        Go Baby Go     Crypt

X         Los Angeles     Slash




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