soul alive


Brown, James   Live At The Apollo Vol 2         Polydor

Duffy    Rockferry         Mercury

Hinton, Joe       Funny   Backbeat

Last Poets        s/t         Douglas

Midnight Movers UNLTD.       Follow The Wind          Buddah


Jackson, Chuck            ArrivesMotown

Mayfield, Percy            Best Of            Specialty

Spellman,Benny            s/t         Bandy

Hawkins,Screamin’ JayAt Home With Jay In The Wee Wee Hours      Midnight

Young Holt Unlimited   Beat Goes On  Brunswick


T.,Jean-ClaudeBicentennial Poet          Philadelphia International


Little Sonny      Hard Goin’ Up  Enterprise

Burke, Solomon           We’re Almost Home     MGM

Chic     Risque  Atlantic


Creative Source            s/t         Sussex

Otis,Johnny      Great Rhythm & Blues Oldies Volume 3           Blues Spectrum

Preston, Billy    Most Exciting Organ Ever         Vee Jay

Spellman, Benny           Fortune Teller   Charly

Purify, James & Bobby             Do It Right! Best Of     Arista


V/A      Apollo Saturday Night  Atlantic

Washington, Gino         Golden Hits Now         Atac

Bradshaw, Tiny            Breakin’ Up The House            Charly

Burke, Solomon           Soul Alive!       RounderWP_20140619_005

Booker T. & The M.G.s           Soul Limbo       Stax

Stewart,Billy    Summertime     Chess

Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band         Together           Warner


& more…



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