inner views


Bono,Sonny     Inner Views      Atco

Burdon,Eric & The Animals      Every One Of Us          MGM

Burdon,Eric & War      Black Man’s Burdon     MGM

Cale,John         Sabotage/Live  Spy

Cale,John         Words For The Dying   Opal / Warner

Cale,John         Guts     Island


Captain Beyond            s/t         Capricorn

Clapton,Eric     461 Ocean Boulevard   RSO

Cohen,Leonard            Recent Songs   Columbia

Cohen,Leonard            Songs From A Room    Columbia

Dion     Suite For Late SummerWarner

Creedence Clearwater Revival  Green River      Fantasy


Dr. John           GumboAlligator

Fever Tree       For Sale           Ampex

Fish      Internal Exile     Polydor

Grass Roots     Live For Today            Dunhill

Guryan,Margo  Take A PictureSundazed

Dr. John           In The Right Place        Atco


Hearts & Flowers         Of Horses Kids And Forgotten Women            Capitol

Horn,Jim          Jim’s Horns       Shelter

Incredible String Band  5000 Spirits or The Layers Of The Onion         Elektra

Iron Butterfly    In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida  Atco

Jansch,Bert       Birthday BluesReprise

Jethro Tull        This Was          Chrysalis


John,Elton        Goodbye Yellow Brick Road    MCA

Doheny,Ned     s/t         Asylum

Dylan,Bob        Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid      Columbia

Dylan,Bob        John Wesley Harding    Columbia

Dylan,Bob        Times They Are A-Changin’      Columbia

Dylan,Bob        Highway 61 Revisited   Columbia


Dylan,Bob        Self Portrait      Columbia

Dylan,Bob        New Morning   Columbia

Dylan,Bob / Band         Before The Flood         Asylum

Dylan,Bob        Hard Rain         Columbia

Ackles,David    Subway To The Country           Elektra

BeatlesWhite Album    Capitol


King Crimson   In The Court Of The Crimson King       Atlantic

Lennon,John     Plastic Ono Band          Apple

Mandel,HarveyRighteous         Philips

Bloomfield,Mike / Kooper,Al / Still,Steve         Super Session   Columbia

Bloomfield,Mike & Kooper,AlLive Adventures           Columbia

Byrds   Younger Than Yesterday          Columbia


Byrds   Sweetheart Of The Rodeo        CBS

Kaleidoscope   BerniceEpic

Lanois,Daniel    Shine    Anti

May,Phil & The Fallen Angels   s/t         Philips

Dion     s/t         Laurie

Dion     You’re Not Alone         Warner

Dire Straits       s/t         Warner

Fogerty,John    Centerfield        Warner

Rivers,Johnny   Changes           Imperial

Rose,Tim          Morning Dew   Edsel


Spence,Skip     Oar      Sundazed

Who     Who’s Next      MCA

Creedence Clearwater Revival  Willy And The Poor Boys         Fantasy

Creedence Clearwater Revival  Pendulum         Fantasy

MC5    Back In The USA         Atlantic

Diamond,Neil   Shilo     Bang

Johnson,Wilko Solid Senders   Virgin


Velvet Underground     White Light White Heat            Verve

Price,Jim          Kids Nowadays Ain’t Got No Shame   A&M

Dillard & ClarkFantastic Expedition Of             A&M

Hardin,Tim       Bird On A Wire            Columbia

Henske,Judy     High Flying Bird            Elektra

Incredible String Band  Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter   Elektra

Kooper,Al        New York City (You’re A Woman)      Columbia


Mack,Lonnie    …Glad I’m In The Band           Elektra

Martyn,John     Solid Air           Island

Martyn,John     Philentropy       Body Swerve

Martyn,John     Glorious Fool   WEA

Martyn,John     Grace & Danger           Antilles


Martyn,John     One World       Island

Martyn,John     Foundations      Island

Russell,Leon     Looking Back   Olympic

Neil,Fred          Other Side Of This LifeCapitol

Ochs,Phil          Gunfight At Carnegie Hall         A&M


Simon & Garfunkel       Parsley,Sage,Rosemary And Thyme      Columbia

Simon & Garfunkel       Bookends         Columbia

Springsteen, Bruce        Live 1975-85   Columbia

Springsteen, Bruce        River    Columbia

Thompson, Richard & Linda     Shoot Out The Lights    Hannibal

Van Ronk,Dave            Inside   Prestige


Miller, Steve Band        Children Of The FutureCapitol

Miller, Steve Band        Your Saving Grace       Capitol

Mink DeVille    Cabretta           Capitol

Mink DeVille    Return To Magenta       Capitol

Mink DeVille    Coupe De Grace          Atlantic


Mink DeVille    Le Chat Bleu    Capitol

Mitchell,Joni     For The Roses  Asylum

Mitchell,Joni     MingusAsylum

Morrison, Van  T.B.Sheets       Bang

Morrison, Van  Avalon Sunset  Polydor

Morrison, Van  Blowin’ Your Mind       Bang


Morrison, Van  Poetic Champions Compose     Mercury

Morrison, Van  No Guru,No Method,No Teacher        Mercury

A440   Ulysses The Greek Suite           20th Century

Richards,Keith  Talk Is Cheap   Virgin



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