Cale,J.J.           Grasshopper     Mercury

Cale,J.J.           Okie     Shelter

Cale,J.J.           Naturally          Shelter

Cale,J.J.           Troubadour      Shelter

Cale,J.J.           ShadesShelter

Cale,J.J.           J.J.Cale 5         Shelter

Cale,J.J.           Really   Shelter

Campbell,DickSings Where It’s At       Mercury

Darin,Bobby     Born Walden Robert Cassotto  Direction

Derek & The Dominos             Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs    RSO


Donovan          Hurdy Gurdy Man        Epic

Faces   s/t         Warner

Faces   A Nod Is As Good As A Wink To A Blind Horse        Warner

Faithfull,Marianne         Broken EnglishIsland

Farr,Gary         Addressed To The Censors Of Love    Atco

Gabriel,Peter    So        Geffen

Havens,Richie   Connections     Atlantic


Hendrix,Jimi     Band Of Gypsys           Capitol

Hendrix,Jimi Experience            Are You Experienced   Reprise

Lennon,John & Ono,Yoko / Plastic Ono Band / Elephant’s Memory      Some Time In New York City  Apple

Mack,Lonnie    … Glad I’m In The Band          Elektra

Mandel,HarveySnake   Janus

Mark-Almond  Mark-Almond 1           Blue Thumb


Mark-Almond  Mark-Almond 2           Blue Thumb

Mitchell,Joni     Blue     Reprise

Mitchell,Joni     Ladies Of The Canyon  Reprise

Mitchell,Joni     Hejira   Asylum

Mitchell,Joni     CloudsReprise

Mitchell,Joni     Hissing Of The Summer LawnsAsylum

Mitchell,Joni     Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter  Asylum

Morrison,Van   Astral Weeks   Warner

Morrison,Van   Tupelo Honey   Warner

Morrison,Van   Saint Dominic’s Preview            Warner


Morrison,Van   Hard Nose The Highway          Warner

Newman,Randy            Sail Away         Reprise

Newman,Randy            Good Old Boys            Reprise

NilssonAerial Ballet      RCA

Presley,Elvis     Memphis Record          RCA

Reed,Lou         New York        Sire

Rolling Stones   Jamming With Edward  Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones   Through The Past Darkly          London

Rolling Stones   Some Girls       Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones   Love You LiveRolling Stones


Rolling Stones   Exile On Main St          Rolling Stones

Rundgren,Todd            Runt     Bearsville

Rundgren,Todd            A Wizard A True Star  Bearsville

Simon & Garfunkel       Wednesday Morning,3AM       Columbia

Simon & Garfunkel       Parsley,Sage,Rosemary And Thyme      Columbia

Simon & Garfunkel       Bookends         Columbia

Simon & Garfunkel       Bookends         Columbia

Simon & Garfunkel       Sounds Of Silence        Columbia

Simon & Garfunkel       Bridge Over Troubled Water    Columbia

Simon,Paul       s/t         Warner

Simon,Paul       Still Crazy After All These Years           Warner

Stewart,Rod     Atlantic Crossing          Warner

Traffic  John Barleycorn Must Die         United Artists

Traffic  Shoot Out At The Fantasy Factory       Island




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