cold sweat


Ayers,Roy Ubiquity      He’s Coming     Polydor

Bohannon         Gittin’ Off         Dakar

DeVaughn,William        Be Thankful For What You Got            Roxbury

Holmes,Cecil Soulful Sounds    Black Motion Picture Experience          Buddah

LaSalle,Denise  Trapped By A Thing Called Love         Westbound

Marrow Esther Newport News Virginia Flying Dutchman

Scott Heron Gil Moving Target Arista


Scott Heron Gil Reflections Arista

Spellman,Benny            s/t         Bandy

Wesley,Fred & The Horny Horns feat Parker,Maceo    A Blow For Me,A Toot For You          Atlantic

Brown,James    Cold Sweat      King

Brown,James    Revolution Of The Mind           Polydor

Carr,James       At The Dark End Of The Street            Blue Side


Charles,Ray      Genius + Soul = Jazz    Dunhill

Lucien,Jon        Premonition      Columbia

Mayfield,CurtisThere’s No Place Like America Today  Curtom

Mayfield,PercyWeakness Is A Thing Called Man         RCA

Pickett,Wilson  Midnight Mover            Atlantic

Professor Longhair       Rock ‘N’ Roll Gumbo  Blue StarWP_20140717_015

Soul Children    FrictionStax

Side Effect        What You Need           Fantasy

Van Dykes       No Man Is An Island    Solid Smoke

Williams,AndreBacon Fat        no label

V/A      Stax Volt Tour In London         Stax

V/A      Deep Harmony . Sun Blues Archives Vol 3       Sun

Flamingos         Requestfully Yours        End

Moore,Bobby & The Rhythm Aces      Searching For My Love            Checker




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