Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters «Lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar»


«Plant’s Americana detour has made him a better, more nuanced singer. Here, coming home to something like progressive rock, it’s hard not to think of his other band. Keep hope alive.» Rolling Stone

«As he recently told The Independent, lullaby and… the Ceaseless Roar could very well spell the end of his “musical wanderlust,” claiming the album represents the purest synthesis of his myriad explorations over the years. And if not all of Lullaby’s fusion experiments succeed, there’s enough inspired alchemy here to earn Plant the right to bring it on home.» Pitchfork

Στο πρώτο βίντεο, τα λέει πολύ καλά και μόνος του

Δια του λόγου το αληθές



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