Out Of The Grey

Νέα κούτα new wave, post punk, power pop, punk, shoegaze κλπ ανοίγει σήμερα!!

27 Various       Approximately  Clean

Actuel  Things aka s/t   Tiki

Alexander,Willie & The Boom Boom Band       Meanwhile … Back In The States         MCA

Always August Black Pyramid  SST

Anderson,Laurie           Big Science      Warner

Anderson,Laurie           O Superman     Warner

B-52’s  Strobe Light     Centrifugal

B.A.L.L.          Period Another American Lie    Shimmy Disc

Band Of Outsiders        Everything Takes Forever         L’Invitation Au Suicide

Bangles            Different Light   Columbia

Bangles            Interchord        Columbia

Barracudas       Drop Out…     Zonophone

Bauhaus           4AD     4AD

Bauhaus           Interview Picture Disc   Baktabak

Camper Van Beethoven            s/t         Pitch A Tent

Camper Van Beethoven            Key Lime Pie   Virgin

Camper Van Beethoven            II & III Pitch A Tent

Cave,Nick & The Bad Seeds   Singer   Mute

China Pig          Auf Zehenspitzen Durch Die Brutkammer          M.U.D.D. Industries

Cock c’ Nell     Boys Tree        Balcony

Cocteau Twins Blue Bell Knoll Capitol

Dalis Car          Waking Hour    Beggars Banquet

Dance  In Lust  Statik

Danny & Dusty Lost Weekend  A&M

Darius And The Magnets          In The Valley Of Dreams          Dee Jay

Datsuns            s/t         Sweet Nothing

Depeche Mode            Construction Time Again           Sire

Dream Syndicate          Ghost Stories    Enigma

Dream Syndicate          Out Of The Grey          Big Time

Duck,Dennis     Goes Disco      Poo Bah

Durutti Column LC       Factory

Durutti Column Return Of The Durutti Column  Factory

Dury,Ian & The Blockheads     Do it Yourself   Stiff

Dury,Ian & The Blockheads     Laughter           Stiff

Dury,Ian & The Blockheads     Greatest Hits    Fame

Essential Logic  Beat Rhythm News Waddle Ya Play?   Rough Trade

Eyes Of Mind   Tales Of The Turquoise Umbrella          Voxx

For Against      Echelons           Independent Project

For Against      December        Independent Project

Garner,Sue       To Run More Smoothly            Thrill Jockey

Gist      Embrace The Herd       Rough Trade

Good Missionaries        Fire From Heaven        Deptford Fun City

Green On Red  No Free Lunch Mercury

Green On Red  Gravity Talks    Slash

Indoor Life       s/t         Indoor Life

Johnson,Matt    Burning Blue Soul         4AD

Lemon Kittens We Buy A Hammer For Daddy United Diaries

Long Ryders     Two Fisted Tales          Island

Long Ryders     Native Sons      Frontier

Long Ryders     State Of Our Union      Island

Mabuses          s/t         Shimmy Disc

Meat Puppets   Up On The Sun            SST

Meat Puppets   Out My Way    SST

Meat Puppets   Mirage SST

Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band Magic Square Of The Sun        September Gurls

New Order      Power Corruption & Lies         Factory

Orbit,William    Orbit    I.R.S.

Palo / Ona        Star Of The Sea           Little Brother

Pedro The Lion            It’s Hard To Find A Friend       Jade Tree

Phair,Liz           Whip-Smart     Matador

Public Image Ltd          Second Edition Island

Radiators          Ghostown         Chiswick

Replacements   Pleased To Meet Me    Sire

Replacements   Don’t Tell A Soul          Sire

Secret Affair     Glory Boys       Sire

Siouxsie & The Banshees          A Kiss In The Dreamhouse       Polydor

Siouxsie & The Banshees          Once Upon A Time / The Singles          Geffen

Spherical Objects         Eliptical Optimism         Object

Stranglers         IV        United Artists

Talking Heads  Fear Of Music  Sire

Talking Heads  Remain Of Light           Sire

Talking Heads  Name Of This Band      WEA

Talking Heads  Electrically        Beacon Island

Vaccines          Fool Injekted P.u.nk     Wolf Dog

Walkabouts      Cataract           Sub Pop

Watt,Ben          North Marine Drive      Cherry Red

White,James & The Blacks       Sax Maniac      Animal

Xmal Deutschland         Viva     Xile



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