Vinyl Blowout!!!

Στα πλαίσια  του «Κάθε Μέρα Και Νέοι Δίσκοι Στο Rock & Roll Circus», όποιοι μας έχουν επισκεφθεί και είναι τακτικοί επισκέπτες του blog και του facebook διαπιστώνουν πως κάθε μέρα νέες κυκλοφορίες, ειδικές εκδόσεις και εκατοντάδες μεταχειρισμένα lps γεμίζουν τα ράφια μας κατά τη διάρκεια του τελευταίου μήνα του 2014.


Σήμερα Reggae, Jazz, Blues, R&B & more


Allen,Byron Trio           s/t         ESP-Disk

Armstrong,Louis           Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None Of My Jelly Roll         Audio Fidelity

Armstrong,Louis . Peterson,Oscar        Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson            Verve

Ayler,Albert     Music Is The Healing Force Of The Universe    Impulse

Bailey,Benny, Davis,Nathan, Waldron,Mal, Woode,Jimmy, Ntzhoko,Makaya, Campbell,Charly           Soul Eyes            Saba

Barbieri,Gato    Chapter Two: Hasta Siempre    ABC Impulse

Barreto,Don et ses Cuban Boys            Au Temps De La Rumba Et De La Conga       Mondio


Basie,Count & Sims,Zoot         Basie & Zoot    Pablo

Belafonte,Harry            Midnight Special           RCA

Borraro,Chivo  En Vivo            Qualiton

Brown,Marion  Three For Shepp          Impulse

Coltrane,John   Africa Brass     Impulse

Coltrane,John   Om      Impulse

Creque,Neal     Creque Cobblestone

Davis,Charles   Ingia!    Strata East


Davis,Miles      In A Silent Way            Columbia

Davis,Nathan    Rules Of Freedom        Polydor

Ellington,Duke & Hodges,Johnny          Back To Back  Verve

Fitzgerald,Ella & Armstrong,Louis         Porgy & Bess   Verve

Gillespie.Dizzy  Real Thing        Perception

Hammond,Doug           Spaces Idibib

Hammond,Doug w Joseph,Karen         Ellipse  Idibib

Holiday,Billy     Lady In Satin    CBS

Holiday,Billy     Strange Fruit     Atlantic

Howard,Noah  Quartet ESP-Disk


Jackson,Milt & Charles,Ray     Soul Brothers   Atlantic

Jenkins,John, Byrd,Donald, Fuller,Curtis, Flanagan,Tommy, Watkins,Doug, Taylor,Art  Jazz Eyes          Regent

Lateef,Yusef     A Flat,G Flat And C     Impulse

Mingus,Charles Mingus At Carnegie Hall           Atlantic

Mingus,Charles Three OR Four Shades Of Blue            Atlantic

Monk,Thelonious          5 By Monk By 5          Riverside

Mulligan,Gerry . Monk,Thelonious        Mulligan Meets Monk   Riverside

Sanders,Pharoah          Live At The East           Impulse

Sanders,Pharoah          Summun Bukmun Umyun          Impulse


Scott,Shirley     One For Me     Strata East

Shepp,Archie   Cry Of My People        Impulse

Shepp,Archie   Kwanza            Impulse

Shepp,Archie   Poem For Malcolm . Blasé       Byg

Sun Ra Angels And Demons At Play     Impulse

Sun Ra Nubians Of Plutonia      Impulse

Wilson,Cassandra         Point Of View  JMT

Wilson,Cassandra         Blues Skies       JMT

Allison,Luther Luther’s Blues Motown

Allison,Luther Bad News Is Coming Motown

Allison,Luther Love Me Mama Delmark

Allison,Luther Love Me Papa Black & Blue

Anderson,Willie Little Swinging The Blues Blues Over Blues

Butler,George ‘Wild Child’ Open Up Baby Charly

Campbell,Eddie C King Of The Jungle Rooster Blues

Collins,Albert Alive & Cool Red Lightnin

Dawkins,Jimmy Fast Fingers Delmark


Fuller,Johnny & Walker,Phillip Band Fullers Blues Diving Duck

Guy,Buddy Dollar Done Fell JSP

Guy,Buddy & Wells,Junior Live In Montreux Black & Blue

Guy,Phil I Once Was A Gambler JSP

Guy,Phil Red Hot Blues JSP

Culture Two Sevens Clash Blue Moon

Culture Culture In Culture Music Track
Culture Vital Selection Virgin

Dillinger Ready Natty Dreadie Studio One

Dread,Mikey African Anthem Dubwise Cruise

Dread,Mikey World War III Dread At The Controls

Edwards,Jackie Put Your Tears Away Veep

Ethiopians Slave Call Third World


Gainsbourg,Serge Aux Armes Et Caetera Philips

Jah Walton Touch Her Where She Want It Most Music Force

Johnson,Linton Kwesi Making History Island

Lepki,Lui Late Night Movie Joe Gibbs Music

Mighty Diamonds Real Enemy Greensleeves


Pablo Gad Blood Suckers Celluloid

Paragons Return Third World

Prince Far I Voice Of Thunder Trojan

Sly & The Revolutionaries Go Deh Wid Riddim Crystal

Twinle Brothers Rast Pon Top Vista Sounds

V/A A Live Session With King Stur-Grav Hi-Fi / Lee Unlimited Live & Learn


& many many many many more



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