Lee Hazlewood Industries: The Box Set / Vinyl Edition (Light In The Attic Records)


Ένα χρόνο πριν, η Light In The Attic κυκλοφόρησε την έκδοση του cd. Φέτος και με αφορμή το Black Friday κάνει, τρόπον τινά, ακόμη πιο Deluxe την έκδοση του V/A «There’s A Dream I’ve Been Saving: Lee Hazlewood Industries 1966 – 1971″ . Αναλυτικά τα περιεχόμενα παρακάτω.


  • Official Record Store Day Black Friday Exclusive
  • 172 Page Hard Cover Book
    – LP-sized cloth bound book with gold foil stamp
  • Over 150 Rare & Unseen Photos
    – In depth liner notes documenting the label’s history, album-by-album breakdown, 27 artist profiles, LHI timeline, and interviews with Lee, along with dozens of LHI artists and key players.
  • Cowboy in Sweden the Film on DVD (1970, 60 mins)
    – First time available
    – New digital transfer from the original 16mm master negative at the Swedish Broadcasting Co.
    – Fully restored in HD with re-mastered sound
    – Region Free
  • 8 LPs + 4 CDs (107 tracks in each format)
    – Everything Lee recorded for LHI, including every 45 single and album (Cowboy in Sweden, Forty, The Cowboy & The Lady, and Requiem For an Almost Lady), plus a handful of unreleased tracks.
    – Key tracks from the LHI stable of artists, including Suzi Jane Hokom, The Kitchen Cinq, Ann-Margret, The International Submarine Band, Honey Ltd., Arthur, The Aggregation, Sanford Clark, Lynn Castle, The Surprise Package, Virgil Warner, and Hamilton Streetcar, amongst many others.
    – 14 unreleased tracks
    – LPs housed in gatefold «tip-on” jackets
    – All LPs on colored wax (4 variations)
    – Foil stamp numbered “tip-on” slipcase
    – Lacquers cut by John Golden Mastering
  • Meticulously Re-Mastered
    – Analog transfers captured at 24-bit/96-kHz. 95% of transfers from original analog master tapes (remainder transferred from mint vinyl).
  • From Lee’s Personal ’Stache
    – Flexi disc feat. 10 mins of unheard Lee ‘studio chatter’ (“Play it like a cowboy song”)
    – Reproduction of Lee’s original embossed LHI business card
    – 18” x 24” full color poster


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