Pre-Christmas Stuff

Pre-Christmas Stuff με ευρωπαϊκά jazz lps, usa used imports και κάμποσα original βρετανικά rock, psych, freakbeat κ.ά lps. Let’s Dig!!!


Bechet,Sidney  Jazz Classics Bol 2

Blakey,Art        Orgy In Rhythm Volume One

Blakey,Art & The Afro-Drum Ensemble           African Beat

Blakey,Art & The Jazz Messengers       At The Jazz Corner Of The World Vol 2

Burrell,Kenny   Vol 2 aka s/t

Byrd,Donald     Blackjack


Byrd,Donald     Caricatures

Byrd,Donald     Black Byrd

Gale,Eddie       Black Rhythm Happening

Hill,Andrew      Smokestack

Hutcherson,Bobby        Dialogue

Hutcherson,Bobby        Componets

McLean,Jackie Capuchin Swing


McLean,Jackie Bluesnik

McLean,Jackie Demon’s Dance

Mobley,Hank   No Room For Squares

Morgan,Lee     Sixth Sense

Pearson,Duke   Introducing Duke Pearson’s Big Band

Pearson,Duke   Now Hear This

Pearson,Duke   Tender Feelin’s


Shorter,Wayne All Seeing Eye

Shorter,Wayne Schizophrenia

Smith,Jimmy     A New Sound A New Star

Turrentine,Stanley         Hustlin’

Andwellas Dream Love And Poetry Sunbeam
Angel Pavement Maybe Tomorrow Tenth Planet

Baldry,Long John Looking At Long John United Artists


Beatles Abbey Road Apple

Beatles Revolver Parlophone

Broughton,Edgar Band s/t Harvest

Brown,Arthur Crazy World Of Track

Clark,Dave Five Catch Us If You Can Columbia

Cooper,Mike Places I Know Pye

End Last Word Tenth Planet


Fairport Convention Unhalfbricking Island

Fleetwood Mac History Of CBS

Fleur De Lys,Les Reflections Turning Point

Fontana,Wayne & The Mindbenders s/t Fontana

Fourmost First And Fourmost Parlophone

Green,Peter In The Skies PVK

Harper,Roy Folkjokeopus Sunset

Harper,Roy Lifemask Harvest

Heinz Tribute To Eddie Decca

Hollies Stay With The Hollies Parlophone


Hollies In The Hollies Style Parlophone

Hollies Evolution Guerssen

Honeycombs All Systems Go! Pye

Jethro Tull This Was Chrysalis

Kaleidoscope Tangerine Dream Tapestry

Kaleidoscope Faintly Blowing no label

Koobas s/t Carnaby Boutique

Korner,Alexis Bootleg Him! Warner

Leaf Hound Growers Of Mushroom Akarma


Magna Carta Seasons Vertigo

Manfred Mann Five Faces His Master’s Voice

Manfred Mann Mann Made Regal

Manfred Mann As Is Fontana

Manfred Mann Mighty Quinn Mercury

Manfred Mann Chapter Three Volume Two Vertigo

Mayall,John Blues From Laurel Canyon Decca

McWilliams,David Vol 2 Major Minor


Merseybeats s/t Fontana

Money,Zoot Big Roll Band Zoot! RSO

Nashville Teens s/t New World

Peddlers Frewheelers CBS

Peddlers Best Of CBS

Peep Show Mazy Tenth Planet

Pink Floyd A Nice Pair Harvest

Pink Floyd Relics Emidisc


Pink Floyd Meddle Harvest

Pink Floyd More Harvest

Pink Floyd A Saucerful Of Secrets Tower

Riot Squad Anytime Bam Caruso

Rolling Stones Out Of Our Heads Decca

Rolling Stones Their Satanic Majesties Request Decca

Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet Decca

Rolling Stones Let It Bleed Decca

Rolling Stones Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out Decca


Savoy Brown A Step Further Decca

Simon Dupree & The Big Sound Without Reservations Parlophone

Storyteller s/t Transatlantic

Tomorrow s/t Import

V/A At The Cavern See For Miles

Wild Oats Live At Leiston Tenth Planet

Yardbirds Five Live Yardbirds Columbia

Coleman,Bill, Gilson,Jef & Son Orchestre Et Sese Choeurs       Jazz Pour Dieu  Unidisc


Garrick,Michael / Kellas,James Grant   Kronos Hep

Garrick,Michael Trio w Weller,Don      You’ve Changed           Hep

Gonsalves,Paul And His All Stars          Riviera

Gruntz,George  Noon In Tunisia            MPS

Hayes,Tubby    Mexican Green             Fontana

Jackson,Milt . Wilen,Barney . Heath,Percy . Clarke,Kenny       Jazz Sur Seine  Philips

Le Sage,Bill directing Directions In Jazz Unit     Road To Ellingtonia      Philips

Morrissey,Dick . Mullen,Jim     Cape Wrath     Harvest

Roach,Max      Confirmation     Fluid


Scott,Ronnie     Night Is Scott And You’re So Swingable           Fontana

Sun Ra Other Voices Other Blues         Horo

V/A      Jazz Explosion  Columbia

Baker,Chet . Florens,Jean Paul . Florens,Henry Rendez-Vous   Bingow

Merrill,Helen    Music Makers  Owl

Benjamin,Sathima Bea  Windsong         Ekapa

Baraka,Imamu Amiri, Original Last Poets, etc   Black Spirits     Black Forum

Jackson,Milt     Bags’ Opus       United Artists

Getz,Stan         And The Cool Sounds  Verve

Getz,Stan         Plays    Verve



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