Moving Sidewalks (South American Psych, US Psych / Prog, Rock & more)

Box full of South American Psych, US Psych & Prog, Rock & more!!!!



Various – Woodstock Two Cotillion

Various – Woodstock – Music From The Original Soundtrack And More Atlantic

Shawn Phillips – Collaboration A&M Records

Music Emporium – Music Emporium Sundazed Music

Moving Sidewalks, The – Flash Akarma

Love – Forever Changes Elektra



Perry Leopold – Christian Lucifer Gear Fab Records

Pat Kilroy – Light Of Day Fallout

Fifty Foot Hose – Cauldron

Fever Tree – For Sale Ampex Records

Fever Tree – Creation UNI Records

Feather Da Gamba – Like It Or Get Bent Void Records

Dragonwyck – Dragonwyck Fantazia Music



Roky Erickson – Don’t Slander Me Demon Records

Bob Dylan – The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan CBS

Deep, The – Psychedelic Moods A Mind Expanding Phenomena Fallout

Rider – No Longer Anonymous Akarma

Anonymous – Inside The Shadow Or Records

Who, The – Who’s Next MCA Records

Mothers Of Invention, The – Child’s Play Pyramid Records



Bump – 2 Shadoks Music

Mike Bloomfield And Al Kooper – The Live Adventures Of Mike Bloomfield And Al Kooper Edsel Records

Mike Bloomfield / John Paul Hammond / Dr. John – Triumvirate Edsel Records

Fraction – Moon Blood Cryptrock

Big Brother & The Holding Company – Big Brother & The Holding Company Sundazed Music

Jeff Moore & Friends – The Youngest Son Orange Doubledome

Dionysos – Dionysos Deram

Dionysos – Le Prince Croule Les Disques Zodiaque



Collectors, The – Grass And Wild Strawberries Warner Bros. – Seven Arts Records

Collectors, The – The Collectors Warner Bros. – Seven Arts Records

Los Walkers – Nosotros Los Walkers Music Hall

Schibbinz – Livin’ Free Guerssen

Psiglo – Psiglo II World In Sound

Los Ovnis – Hippies Shadoks Music

Los Jaivas – El Volantin Shadoks Music



Escombros – Escombros Shadoks Music

Días De Blues – Dias De Blues Akarma

Climax – Gusano Mecánico World In Sound

Lula Côrtes – Rosa De Sangue Time-Lag Records

Lula Côrtes e Zé Ramalho – Paêbirú Mr Bongo


& many many more



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