Stop For A Visit Down Electric Avenue (psych, prog & more lps)

Box full of psych, prog & more lps

Human Beinz, The – Nobody But Me Capitol Records

Gye Whiz – I’ll Be Alright Fanny

Barry Goldberg – Street Man Buddah Records

Stephen David Heitkotter – Stephen David Heitkotter Time-Lag Records

Elizabeth – Elizabeth Vanguard, Comet Records

John Drendall – B.A. Thrower And Friends – Papa Never Let Me Sing The Blues…. Out-Sider

Damnation Of Adam Blessing – The Damnation Of Adam Blessing United Artists Records

Crystal Syphon – Family Evil Roaratorio

Crome Syrcus, The – Love Cycle

Colwell-Winfield Blues Band – Cold Wind Blues Akarma

Chrysalis – Definition MGM Records

Christian – Christian Can-Base Records

Clap – Have You Reached Yet? Phaze II

Box Tops, The – Cry Like A Baby Bell Records

Norman Blake – Home In Sulphur Springs Rounder Records

Beacon Street Union – The Clown Died In Marvin Gardens MGM Records

Beacon Street Union – The Eyes Of The Beacon Street Union MGM Records

Autumn People – Autumn People Soundtech Records

Arthur Lee Harper – Memories RD Records

Apothecary – Apothecary Paramount Records

All Of Thus – All Of Thus Rockadelic Records

Bob Smith – Stop For A Visit Down Electric Avenue RD Records

Freedom’s Children – Shadoks Box Shadoks Music

Sky Sunlight Saxon And Vibravoid, The – A Poetry Of Love Anazitisi Records

Sagittarius – Blue Marble Together Records

River Styx , The – River Styx Distortions Records

Rayne – The Black Album Or Records

Rationals, The – The Rationals Crewe Records

Rainy Daze, The – That Acapulco Gold STR

Question Mark And The Mysterians- 96 Tears Forever – The Dallas Reunion

Tapes Danceteria

Pisces – A Lovely Sight Numero Group

Orkustra, The – Light Shows For The Blind RD Records

Nomads, The – From Zero Down Crypt Records

Nightcrawlers, The – The Little Black Egg Kapp Records

Neighb’rhood Childr’n – Long Years In Space Sundazed Music

Mark LeVine – Pilgrim’s Progress Dynamic

January Tyme, The – First Time From Memphis Enterprise

Insect Trust, The – Hoboken Saturday Night Atco Records

Hunger – Strictly From Hunger / The Lost Album Akarma

Id, The – The Inner Sounds Of The Id World In Sound



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