red weather (psych, prog & more)

Leigh Stephens – Red Weather

Waterloo – First Battle Thorns Backtrack Archive Series

Vanilla Fudge – Renaissance ATCO Records

Van Der Graaf Generator – Godbluff Charisma

United Travel Service – Wind And Stone Break-A-Way Records

United Empire Loyalists – United Empire Loyalists Nasoni Records

Ugly Ducklings, The – Somewhere Outside BSF

Traffic – The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys Island Records

Tiffany Shade, The – The Tiffany Shade Mainstream Records

Tentacle – The Angel Of Death Huge Belly Records

Ten Years After – Cricklewood Green Chrysalis

Ten Years After – Ten Years After

Dave Swarbrick and Simon Nicol – Live At The White Bear White Bear Records

Sunday Funnies – Sunday Funnies Rare Earth

Joe Stead – The Harvest Has Been Taken In Sweet Folk And Country

Stoneground – Stoneground Warner Bros. Records

Steel Mill – Green Eyed God Essex Records

Soho Orange – Soho Orange Huge Belly Records

Spirit – Model Shop Sundazed Music

Southwest F.O.B. – Smell Of Incense Sundazed Music

Sorrows, The – Take A Heart Piccadilly

Snafu – Snafu Capitol Records

Settlers, The – Sing Out London Records

Seeds, The – Future Music-Box

Sebastian – Rays Of The Sun Acme

Seatrain – Marblehead Messenger Capitol Records

Sea Train – Sea Train A&M Records

Phil Sawyer – Childhood’s End Guerssen

Robin Scott – Woman From The Warm Grass Sunbeam Records

Rising Sons Featuring Taj Mahal And Ry Cooder – Rising Sons Featuring Taj Mahal And Ry Cooder Sundazed Music

Rhubarb’s Revenge – Confessions Of A Big Lanky Dope Gear Fab Records

Redeye – Redeye Pentagram

Red Crayola, The With Familiar Ugly, The – The Parable Of Arable Land Decal

Red Krayola – God Bless The Red Krayola And All Who Sail With It Get Back

Ramatam – In April Came The Dawning Of The Red Suns Atlantic

Rabble, The – The Rabble Album Hungry For Vinyl

Quiet Sun – Mainstream Antilles

Quicksilver Messenger Service – Quicksilver Messenger Service Edsel Records

Pretty Things – S.F. Sorrow and Parachute Harvest

Plainsong – In Search Of Amelia Earhart Elektra

Shawn Phillips – Transcendence RCA

Paupers, The – Magic People Verve Forecast

John Palmer – Shorelines Void Records

Fort Mudge Memorial Dump – Fort Mudge Memorial Dump Mercury

Carolyn Hester Coalition, The – The Carolyn Hester Coalition Missing Vinyl

Freak Scene, The – Psychedelic Psoul Head

Hopkins Bradley – Nothing Hides Better Then Darkness Void Records

Bulbous Creation – You Won’t Remember Dying Rockadelic Records

Bermuda Triangle – The Missing Tapes Anazitisi Records

A Joint Effort – Final Effort Void Records

A To Austr – A To Austr Anazitisi Records

Elonkorjuu – Harvest Time Amber Soundroom

Drugi Način – Drugi Način Still Looking Records

Dream – Get Dreamy Wohn Records

Cosmic Dealer – Crystallization Pseudonym

Circus 2000 – An Escape From A Box Fuga Dall’Involucro


& many many more


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