magic whip



Blur Magic Whip

Brown, James It’s A Mother

Collette, Buddy Polyhedric Buddy Collette

Fuller, Curtis -Quintet- Blues-Ette -Ltd-

Gaye, Marvin Marvin Gaye 1961-1965

Mayfield, Curtis Superfly

Parker, Charlie Charlie Parker Story

Rugolo, Pete Behind Brigitte Bardot

Sadaka Premonition

Scaggs, Boz A Fool To Care

She Keeps Bees Eight Houses

Sixteen Horsepower Olden -Retrospective-

Valdambrini, Basso -Quint Basso Valdambrini Plus..

V/A A New Life Private Independent And Youth Jazz In Great Britain 1966-1990




Brown, James Night Train Think

Charles Ray Hide Nor Hair / Unchain My Heart / Hit The Road Jack

Staples, Mavis Your Good Fortune -Ep-




Enriquez, Luis & His Elec Electronia

Trovajoli, Armando Beat Generation


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