sticky fingers

Box Set


Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers -Deluxe-

Remastered album and bonus CD featuring previously unreleased alternate takes and live performances.

Plus ‘Get Yer Leeds Lungs Out’ CD, a DVD featuring 2 tracks from ‘Live At The Marquee’ and 7” vinyl with Brown Sugar and Wild Horses. All housed in a presentation box with hardback book complete with real zip.

Plus print, poster, 4 postcard set and mini replica of band cut out.

The carefully put together 120 page limited edition book recounts the making of this classic Stones album with an extensive essay by Nick Kent, embellished with previously unpublished images of the band and lavishly illustrated with metallic gold ink throughout.

& some lps

Blur The Magic Whip

Crispy Ambulance Compulsion RSD

Crystal Syphon Elephant Ball

Floyd Eddie Knock On Wood

Gardner, Jacco Hypnophobia

Kuhn, Rolf & Joachim -Qua Re-Union In Berlin

Ribbons Of Euphoria s/t

Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers -Ltd/Hq-

Saun & Starr Look Closer

Shee Keeps Bees Eight Houses



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