great conspiracy (psych, prog, european rock, classic rock & more used)

Crystalline “Axe Music” Guerssen

The Peanut Butter Conspiracy “The Great Conspiracy” Columbia

Snow “s/t” Radioactive

Human Beast “Volume One” Si-Wan

J.D. Blackfoot “Ultimate Prophecy” Mercury

Indian Summer “s/t” Akarma

Beatles “Let It Be” EMI Japan

Black Sabbath “Master Of Reality” NEMS

Graham Bond Organization “The Sound Of 65” Sweet Dandelion

Roy Buchanan “Second Album” Polydor

Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band “Safe As Milk”

Complex “s/t” Tenth Planet

Complex “The Way We Feel” Tenth Planet

Faithfull Marianne Broken English Island

Chris Farlowe “From Here To Mama Rosa With The Hill” Polydor

Gary Farr “Addressed To The Censors Of Love” Atco

Galaxy “s/t” Akarma

Lesley Gore “California Nights” Mercury

Jackal “Awake” Radioactive

July “Dandelion Seeds” Bam Caruso

Love “Forever Changes” Warner

Circus 2000 “An Escape From A Box” Akarma

Kingdom “s/t” Akarma

Lumbee “Overdose” Gear Fab

Merryweather & Carey “Vacuum Cleaner” RCA

Music Emporium “s/t” Action

Louis Paul “s/t” Enterprise

Reality “Second Hand” Essex

Stack “Above All” Akarma

Tangerine “The Peeling Of” Akarma

Travis Wammack “s/t” Capricorn

Bobby Whitlock “Raw Velvet” Dunhill

Cosmic Dealer “Child Of Tomorrow” World In Sound

Cosmic Dealer “Crystallization” Pseudonym

Drugi Nacin “s/t” SL

Elonkorjuu “Harvest Time” Amber Soundroom

Fuchsia “s/t” Night Wings

Gong “Live Etc” Virgin

Les Goths “Reve De Silence” Shadoks

Haizea “Hontz Gaua” Guerssen

Holograf “1” Electrecord

Holograf “2” Electrecord

Holograf “3” Electrecord

Iris “IV” Electrecord

Kalevala “People No Names” Mayfair

Laurelie “s/t” Triangle

Spot “s/t” OW

Rain “Norsk Suite” Shadoks

Warlus “s/t” Guerssen

Yves & Serge & Victor “s/t” Guerssen



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