Wipe The Windows Check The Oil Dollar Gas / Today’s Rock Box

Neil Young Decade Wea

Allman Brothers Wipe The Windows Check The Oil Dollar Gas Polydor

Anno Domini On This New Day Thorns

Joan Baez Volume One Vanguard

Joan Baez Volume Two Vanguard

Joan Baez In Italy Vanguard

Banchee s/t O-Music

Bloomfield, Kooper, Stills Super Session CBS

Country Joe And The Fish C.J. Fish Vanguard

The David Another Day Another Lifetime Vance

Dr. Feelgood Singles The U.A. Years EMI

Dr John Hollywood Be Thy Name United Artists

Dr John The Brightest Smile In Town Demon

Fairport Convention Unhalfbricking Island

The Fire Escape Psychotic Reaction Music Box

Jerry Garcia Compliments Of Garcia Grateful Dead

The Hello People Fusion Philips

The Human Beinz Evolutions Capitol

Waylon Jennings Jewels RCA

Lou Reed Transformer RCA

The Electric Prunes Underground WEA

Eric Burdon Declares War Far Out

John Hammond Country Blues Vanguard

Modulo 1000 Nao Fale Com Paredes

John Mayall The Blues Alone Ace Of Clubs

Instant Orange s/t Shadoks





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