Let’s Do It (Jazz, Soul, Funk & more US Stuff)

US Air Force Band Rock Group          Mach One        Us Air Force Recruiting Service

Womack,Bobby           Poet     Beverly Glen Music

Womack,Bobby           Poet II  Beverly Glen Music

Byrd,Donald     And 125th Street,N.Y.C.         Elektra

Ayers,Roy        Let’s Do It        Polydor

Ayers,Roy        No Stranger To Love   Polydor

Always,Billy     s/t         Waylo

Brown,James    People  Polydor

Brown,James    Nonstop           Polydor

Ayers,Roy        Feeling Good    Polydor

Brown,James    Take A Look At Those Cakes  Polydor

Brown,James    Original Disco Man       Polydor

Ingram,Luther   If Loving You Wrong I Don’t Want To Be Right            Koko

Staple Singers   City In The Sky            Stax

Hancock,Herbie           Monster           Columbia

Staple Singers   Be What You Are        Stax

Davis,Wayne    A View From Another Place     Atlantic

Dozier,Lamont  Peddlin’ Music On The Side      Warner

Hayes,Isaac      Movement        Enterprise

Mayfield,Curtis Sweet Exorcist Curtom

Wonder,Stevie Talking Book    Tamla

Alexander,Harold         Sunshine Man   Flying Dutchman

Holmes,Richard Groove           Get Up & Get It           Prestige

Davis,Miles      Decoy  Columbia

Davis,Miles      Man With The Horn     Columbia

Davis,Miles      You’re Under Arrest     Columbia

Wess,Frank      Flute Of The Loom       Enterprise

Humphrey,Bobbi          Flute In Blue Note

Rollins,Sonny    Plus 4   Prestige

Harris,Gene      In A Special Way         Blue Note

Davis,Miles      Porgy And Bess           Columbia

Hancock,Herbie           Monster           Columbia

Morgan,Lee     In Search Of The New Land     Blue Note

Washington,Grover Jr   Inner City Blues            Kudu

Green,Bunky    Testifyin’ Time  Argo

Giuffre 4,Jimmy            Quasar Soul Note

Chambers,Joe / Young,Larry    Double Exposure          Muse

Evans,Bill & Hall,Jim    Undercurrent    United Artists

Wilson,Reuben Cisco Kid         Groove Merchant

Henderson,Eddie          Heritage           Blue Note

Jones,Quincy    Gula Matari      A&M

Thomas,Leon   Album  Flying Dutchman

Silver,Horace   That Healin’ Feelin’       Blue Note

Santamaria,Mongo       Workin’ On A Groovy Thing     Columbia

Lavoe,Hector   De Ti Depende             Fania




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