blue note christmas special

Καλά Χριστούγεννα με Blue Note!!!

Bechet,Sidney Giant Of Jazz aka s/t Volume 1

Bechet,Sidney Jazz Classics Vol 1

Blakey,Art & The Afro-Drum Ensemble African Beat

Byrd,Donald Slow Drag

Byrd,Donald Street Lady

Davis,Miles Volume 1

Dolphy,Eric Out To Lunch

Green,Grant Final Comedown

Harris,Gene Gene Harris The 3 Sounds

Mitchell,Blue Boss Horn

Moody,James / Wallington,George Jazz Classics . Beginning And End Of Bop

Pearson,Duke Now Hear This

Quebec,Ike / Hamilton,Jimmy / Hardee,John / Morton,Benny Jazz Classics Swing Hi-Swing-Lo

Rollins,Sonny Vol. 2

Three Sounds Black Orchid

Three Sounds Coldwater Flat

Young,Larry Unity

Hall,Edmond . Christian,Charlie . Lewis,Meade Lux . Wilson,Teddy . Norvo,Red Memorable Session On Blue Note

Green, Grant Matador

Smith, Jimmy Incredible

Donaldson, Lou Good Gracious

Blakey, Art The Freedom Rider

Mobley, Hank Reach Out

Redd Freddie Quartet The Connection

Hancock, Herbie Maiden Voyage

Mobley, Hank Workout

Morgan, Lee Candy

Henderson Joe Mode For Joe

Cherry Don Complete Communion

Glasper, Robert Double Booked

James, Jose While You Were Sleeping

Hancock Herbie The Prisoner

Silver, Horace Quintet & Trio Blowin The Blues Away



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