evening visits (new wave, post punk, indie & more)

Barry Adamson “Oedipus Shmoedipus” (Mute)

The Apartments “The Evening Visits” (Rough Trade)

BMX Bandits “Getting Dirty (Creation)

Biff Bang Pow “The Girl Who Runs The Beat Hotel” (Creation)

Biff Bang Pow “The Acid House Album” (Creation)

Biff Bang Pow “Me” (Creation)

Biff Bang Pow “L’ Amour, Demure, Stenhousemuit (Creation)

Blur “Modern Life Is Rubbish” (Food)

Blue “Parklife” (Food)

The Bluetones “s/t” (Paradox)

Cocteau Twins “Aikea – Guinea Kookaburra Quisquose Rococo” (4AD)

Cocteau Twins “Victorialand” (4AD)

Cocteau Twins “Tiny Dynamine…” (4AD)

Cocteau Twins “Milk & Kisses” (Mercury)

Cocteau Twins “The Pink Opaque” (4AD)

The Damned “The Black Album” (Big Beat)

Anne Dudley and Jaz Coleman “Songs From The Victorious City” (Virgin)

Echo and The Bunnymen “Crocodiles” (Sire)

Echo and The Bunnymen “Heaven Up Here” (Sire)

Echo and The Bunnymen “Porcupine” (Korova)

Echo and The Bunnymen “Ocean Rain” (Wea)

Everything But The Girl “Eden” (Blanco Y Negro)

Everything But The Girl “Walking Wounded” (Virgin)

Everything But The Girl “Home Movies” (Blanco Y Negro)

Felt “Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty” (Cherry Red)

Felt “Penelope Tree” (12”, Cherry Red)

Felt “The Splendour Of Fear” (Cherry Red)

Felt “Ignite The Seven Cannons…” (Cherry Red)

Felt “Forever Breathes The Lonely Word” (Creation)

Felt “Let The Snakes Crinkle…” (Creation)

Felt “Poem Of The River” (Creation)

Felt “Train Above The City” (Creation)

Felt “The Pictorial Jackson Review” (Rough Trade)

Felt “Space Blues” (Creation)

Felt “Gold Mine Trash” (Cherry Red)

Field Mice “Coastal” (Sarah)

Filed Mice «Missing The Moon” (Sarah)

James “Laid” (Phonogram)

New Order “Republic” (Polygram)

Pale Saints “In Ribbons” (4AD)

Porcupine Tree “On The Sunday Of Life” (Delerium)

Porcupine Tree “Up The Downstair” (Delerium)

Porcupine Tree “Moonloop” (Delerium)

Porcupine Tree “The Sky Moves Sideways” (Delerium)

Pram “Sargasso Sea” (Too Pure)

Pulp “Separations” (Fire)

Pulp “Intro” (Island)

Pulp “His N Hers” (Island)

Pulp “Masters Of The Universe” (Fire)

Pulp “Different Class” (Island)

& many many more




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