no room for squares (blue note LPs and more)

Lee Morgan – Sidewinder Blue Note

Donald Byrd – Caricatures Blue Note

Ornette Coleman Trio – At The Golden Circle Stockholm Volume One Blue Note

Lou Donaldson – Cosmos Blue Note

Andrew Hill – Point Of Departure Blue Note

Kenny Dorham – Whistle Stop Blue Note

Horace Silver Quintet / Sextet – All Blue Note

Thad Jones – The Magnificent Blue Note

Thad Jones – Detroit New York Junction Blue Note

Hank Mobley – No Room For Squares Blue Note

Sonny Rollins – Vol.2 Blue Note

Sonny Clark – Cool Struttin Blue Note

Gil Melle Quartet – Gil’s Guests Prestige

Sun Ra Arkestra – Unity Horo

Terumasa Hino – Journey Into My Mind CBS

Ambrose Akinmusire – The Imagined Savior Is Far Easier To Paint Blue Note

Golden Dawn Arkestra – Stargazer Modern Imperial



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