through the past, darkly (rock, psych, garage & more)

The Rolling Stones – Their Satanic Majesties Request  (Decca)

The Rolling Stones – Big Hits (High Tide And Green Grass) (Decca)

The Rolling Stones – Through The Past, Darkly (Decca)

The Rolling Stones – Some Girls (Rolling Stones Records)


The Rolling Stones – Little By Little

The Rolling Stones – Black And Blue (Rolling Stones Records)

The Rolling Stones – Beggars Banquet (London Records)

The Poets  – Get With The Poets And Live! (Corduroy Records)

The Outsiders  – Album #2 (Capitol Records)

Orpheus – Ascending (MGM Records)

Mike Oldfield & Sally Oldfield, Pekka Pohjola – Mike & Sally Oldfield, Pekka Pohjola  (Happy Bird)

Mellow Candle – Swaddling Songs (Tapestry Records)

John Mayall – Primal Solos (Decca)

The Beatles – Abbey Road (Apple Records)

Mad River  – Paradise Bar And Grill (Edsel Records)

Lilac Angels – Hard To Be Free (Harvest, EMI Electrola)

The Kings Of Oblivion  – Big Fish Popcorn  (Bam-Caruso Records)

Giles, Giles And Fripp – The Cheerful Insanity Of Giles, Giles And Fripp (Cherry Red Phonograph)

Genesis – Foxtrot (Charisma)

Genesis – Nursery Cryme (Charisma)

Stone The Crows – Stone The Crows (Thunderbolt)

Galliard – Strange Pleasure (Tapestry Records)

Fat Mattress – Fat Mattress (ATCO Records)

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath Vol. 4 (NEMS, Castle Communications)

Fuzzy Duck – Fuzzy Duck

Fear Itself  – Fear Itself  (World In Sound)

The Elastic Band (3) – Expansions On Life

Doctor Feelgood – Live In London (New Rose Records)

Downliners Sect – The Country Sect (Charly Records)

Donovan – Open Road (Epic)

Dick Dale & His Del-Tones – Greatest Hits (GNP Crescendo)

Catch – Catch (Dot Records)

Apocalypse – Apocalypse  (Long Hair)

Dando Shaft – Dando Shaft (Akarma)

Dando Shaft – Reaping The Harvest  (See For Miles Records Ltd.)

John Cale – Comes Alive  (ZE Records, Island Records)

Buffalo Springfield – Buffalo Springfield Again (ATCO Records)

Blues Image – Open (ATCO Records)

Carpenters – The Singles 1969-1973 (A&M Records)

Various – Elektrock (The Sixties) (Elektra)

Savoy Brown – Highway Blues  (See For Miles Records Ltd.)

Timi Yuro – Timi Yuro  (Sunset Records)

Various – Stay Awake (Various Interpretations Of Music From Vintage Disney Films) (A&M Records)

Various – Psychedelia Volume Four  (Tiny Alice Records)


Various – Illusions From The Crackling Void (Bam-Caruso Records)

Various – Pebbles Vol.19 – The Continent Lashes Back! Pt. 3 Denmark (AIP Records)

Various – Broken Dreams Volume 3  (Impact)

Various – Broken Dreams – Hopes And Glories Of British Rock 1963 – 1969 Vol. 2 (Impact)

SPANN – Let The Hell Hang  (RD Records)

Killing Floor – Out Of Uranus (Akarma)

Sex  – The End Of My Life (111 Records)

Red Dirt – Red Dirt (Morgan Blue Town)

The 13th Floor Elevators – The Psychedelic Sounds Of: 13th Floor Elevators (Decal)

Apple – An Apple A Day (Page One)

Leigh Stephens – Red Weather (Philips)

Spirit – Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus (Epic)

Uriah Heep – Look At Yourself (Bronze, Island Records)

Soft Machine – Land Of Cockayne (EMI)

Small Faces – Quite Naturally (Castle Communications)

The Velvet Underground – White Light/White Heat  (Polydor, Verve Records)

Shadows Of Knight – Raw ‘N Alive At The Cellar, Chicago 1966! (Sundazed Music, Here ‘Tis Records)

The Velvet Underground & Nico (3) – Unripened

Golden Earring – Rock Sensation (Karussell)

It’s A Beautiful Day – It’s A Beautiful Day (CBS)

Bermuda Triangle – Bermuda Triangle (Anazitisi Records)


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