Keep On Pushing (Countdown To Super Dynamic Sale 2-5/3/2017)

VA – Kon & The Gang (BBE)

Budos Band – The Shape Of Mayhem To Come (RSD)  (Daptone Records)

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – 100 Days, 100 Nights (Daptone Records)

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – Dap Dippin’ (Daptone Records)

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – I Learned The Hard Way (Daptone Records)

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – It’s A Holiday Soul Party! (Daptone Records)

The Budos Band – S/T (Daptone Records)

The Walkabouts – Feel Like Going Home:Cover Albums(Box-Set) (Glitterhouse)

Duke Ellington – The Conny Plank Session (Gronland)

OST/Elmer Bernstein – The Liberation Of L B Jones (Harkit)

Horace Parlan – Happy Frame Of Mind (Heavenly Sweetness)

Grachan Moncur III – Some Other Stuff (Heavenly Sweetness)

VA – DJ Format’s Psych Out (BBE)

Erasmo Carlos – Erasmo Carlos E Os Tremendoes (Light In The Attic)

The Flippers – Psicodelicias (Vinilisssimo)

Prince Fatty – Versus The Drunken Gambler (Mr Bongo)

Lula Cortes – Rosa De Sangue (Mr Bongo)

C.K Mann And His Carousel – Funky Highlife (Mr Bongo)

Mercury Rev – Yerself Is Steam (Mint)

Erasmo Carlos – S/T (Light In The Attic)

Einsturzende Neubauten – Greatest Hits(Special Edition) (Potomak)

Laraaji – Celestial Vibration (Soul Jazz Records)

VA – Coxsone’s Music 2: The Sound Of Young Jamaica – More Early Cuts From The Vaults Of Studio One 1959-63 (Soul Jazz Records)

VA – Punk 45 – Sick On You! One Way Spit! After The Love & Before The Revolution – Vol.3: Proto – Punk 1970-77 (Soul Jazz Records)

VA – PUNK 45: Les Punks: The French Connection. The First Wave Of French Punk 1977-80 (Soul Jazz Records)

VA – Punk 45! There Is No Such Thing As Society (Soul Jazz Records)

VA – Studio One Rocksteady 2 : Rocksteady, Soul And Early Reggae At Studio One (Soul Jazz Records)

The Souljazz Orchestra – Resistance (Strut)

VA – Next Stop Soweto 4: Zulu Rock, Afro-Disco and Mbaqanga 1975-1985 (Strut)

Tarkus – Tarkus (Vinilisssimo)

Brian Eno – Reflection (Warp)

Brian Eno – The Ship (Clear Vinyl) (Warp)

Rasputin’s Stash – Hidden Stash (Athens Of The North)

Charley Patton – Complete Recorded Works Presented In Chronological Order Vol..2 (Third Man Records)

Sun Ra And His Intergalactic Research Arkestra – Planets Of Life Or Death: Amiens ’73 (RSD) (Strut)

Marlena Shaw – Anthology (Soul Brother)

Roy Meriwether – Nubian Lady ( Nature Sounds)

The Gentlemen – S/T (Mr Bongo)



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