makin the changes (today’s jazz)

Jackie McLean – Strange Blues (Prestige)

Jackie McLean – McLean’s Scene (New Jazz)

Jackie McLean – Makin The Changes (New Jazz)

Mastersounds – A Date With (Fantasy)

Dave Pike – Let The Minstrels Play On (Muse)

Dave Pike – Moon Bird (Muse)

Max Roach – Members Don’t Git Weary (Atlantic)

Sun Ra – Lost Arkestra Series Part 1 (Kindred Spirits)

Phineas Newborn Jr – Please Send Me Somenone To Love (Contemporary)

Wes Montgomery  Trio – Guitar On The Go (Riverside)

Sonny Stitt – Plays Arrangements from the pen of Quincy Jones (Roost)

Johnny Hammond Smith – Opus De Funk (Prestige)

Oscar Peterson Trio – On The Town (Verve)

James Moody – The Blues And Other Colors (Milestone)

James Moody – Great Day (Argo)

James Moody – s/t (Cadet)

James Moody – Last Train From Overbrook (Cadet)

Quincy Jones & Band – I Dig Dancers (Mercury)

Oliver Nelson – Soul Battle (Prestige)

Oliver Nelson – Screamin The Blues (Prestige)

Howard Rumsey’s Lighthouse All Stars – Lighthouse At Laguna (Contemporary)

& more t.b.a in store and @




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