Daily Archives: Ιουλίου 13, 2017

into the groovey (indie, wave, experimental & more)

The Fall – This Nation’s Saving Grace (Beggars Banquet)

The Fall – I Am Kurious Oranj (Beggars Banquet)

Giant Sand – Ballad Of A Thin Line Man (Zippo Records)

Pixies – Surfer Rosa  (4AD)

Pixies – Doolittle  (Virgin)

Pixies – Trompe Le Monde (Virgin, 4AD) ‘

The Residents – Duck Stab! / Buster & Glen  (Ralph Records)

Savage Republic – Tragic Figures (Penguin)

Savage Republic – Customs  (Nate Starkman & Son Greece)

Ciccone Youth – The Whitey Album  (Torso)

:$oviet:France:  – Garista (Charrm)

Martin Rev – s/t (Infidelity)

Martin Rev – Clouds Of Glory (New Rose)

Black Flag – My War (SST)

Black Flag – Damaged (SST)

Six By Seven – The Things We Make (Mantra)

U2 – Stories For Boys

U2 – October (Island)

V/A – Stars Kill Rock

& more t.b.a soon