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THIS IS HEAVEN! soul, funk, 6ts, jazz, garage & other exotic sounds at 45 rpm !

Angelyne – Too Much To Touch / Emotional (JAEVI)

Sammy And The Emeralds – Miss Tiny Tears / Am I Blue (Fiesta)

The Dream Girls – I’m In Love With You / Crying In The Night (Metro)

Jay Garrett – Shake It Ole’ Gal / Walkin’ Down Easy Street (Deem)

Nue Spectrum ‎- Just A Little Love (Goes A Long Way) / A Message (For All To Hear) (Flo-Jay)

Rita And Robin ‎ – Joseph / Whenever You Need Me (Unical)

Grant Santino & The Family ‎ – L.O.V.E. / Try Love (Polydor)

Gloria Ann Taylor – World That’s Not Real / Music (Selector Sound)

Rhon Tomas With Agy ‎- I Found Out / Hey Babe (Phil Good)

Charlie Valero – Pachanga Time / Latin Syncopations (ABC-Paramount)

Skipp Wulff- Summer Love (With My Sandy) / A Love I Needed (C&A Records)

Ray Charles – Don’t You Cry (ABC-Paramount)

Carol Chapman ‎ -Bad Dreams In Hollywood / French Kissin’ In The U.S.A. (Just For The Record)

Java ‎ -Rhino Reggae / Say Wah Choo Mean (Mountain Railroad)

Bobby Caldwell – What You Won’t Do For Love / Love Won’t Wait (Clouds)

The Chiefs ‎ – Apache! / Dee’s Dream (Greenwich)

Wayne And Merlin – What You Gonna Do / She’s Gotta Be Mine (RCA)

Perry Como ‎ – More / Glendora (RCA)

Fats Domino ‎ – When My Dreamboat Comes Home / So-Long (Imperial)

Joao Gilberto ‎, Stan Getz – The Girl From Ipanema / Blowin’ In The Wind (Verve)

Maureen Gray ‎ – Dancin’ The Strand / Oh My (Landa)

Dossie Terry ‎- Thunderbird / I Got A Watch Dog (King)

Arthur Lyman – Taboo / Dahil Sayo (HiFi)

Tavares – Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel (Capitol)

& many more killer 7”s in store and


Indie, Wave, French, Italian & more 45ssssssss

Indie/Wave 45s

The Mono Men – Booze (Estrus)

Psychedelic Furs – Heaven (Cbs)

Devendra Banhart – Heard Somebody Say (XL)

Mark Sultan – Let Me Out (Wick)

Clapham South Escalator – Leave Me Alone (Upright)

Cajun Dance Party – The Race (XL)

Bjork – Play Dead (Island)

Human League – Mirror Man (Virgin)

Art Brut – Good Weekend (Banana)

Adam And The Ants – Goody Two Shoes (CBS)

The Damned – Smash It Up (Chiswick)

Sisters Of Mercy – Body And Soul (Wea)

Damned – New Rose (Earmark)


French / Italian 45s

Marino Marini – Quello Che Hai Fatto A Me

Petula Clark – Frere Jaques (Disques Vogue)

Roberto Murolo – Anciennes Chansons Napolitaines (Vogue)

Francois Deguelt – Dimanche Matin (Columbia)

Jean Max Riviere – Un Jour Comme Un Autre (Philips)

Jean Ferrat – Alleluia (Barclay)

Frank Alamo – Allo Mai 38-37 (Barclay)

Sandie Shaw – Un Tout Petin Pantin (Pye)

Charles Aznavour – J’Ai Tort (Barclay)

Hildegarde Neff – Bal De Vienne (Fontana)

Les Charlots – Les Disques D’Or De la Chanson (Disques Vogue)

Seven Inches Are More Than Enough

Miles Davis Sextet ‎– Miles Davis Sextet

Michael Naura Quintet, Gitta Eilers ‎– Jazz From Berlin

Helmut Brandt Combo , Wolfgang Lauth Quartett , Karl Drewo With Bill Grah And Joe Zawinul ‎– Jazz A La Carte

Kenny Graham’s Afro-Cubists ‎– Kings Cross Climax / Caravan

Tino Contreras ‎– El Jazz Mexicano De

Renato Carosone E Il Suo Quartetto ‎– Blues (Luci Di New York)

Elvis Presley ‎– Pocketful Of Rainbows / Crawfish

Tex Soul & The Bayonets ‎– Uto Nwa / Osi Na Ngada

Dav Kipp / Jeanie Allen ‎– Yea! My Baby Loves Me / I Really Love You

Wigan’s Chosen Few / Chuck Wood ‎– Footsee / 7 Days Too Long

B. W. Souls ‎– Marvins Groove / Generated Love

Little Miss Jessie With Benny Sharp And His Orchestra ‎– My Baby Has Gone / St. Louis Sunset Twist

Chuck & Mac ‎– Powerful Love

The Prophets Of Peace ‎– P.O.P.

V/A – Fragmenta…

Όρα Μηδέν ‎– Μόνα Λίζα

The Laughing Soup Dish ‎– Teenage Lima Bean

The Smiths ‎– This Charming Man

The Leopards ‎– Psychedelic Boy

Dinosaur Jr ‎– The Wagon

Depeche Mode ‎– Just Can’t Get Enough

Flamin’ Groovies ‎– You Tore Me Down

Traffic ‎– Hole In My Shoe / Smiling Phases

Nilsson ‎– Gotta Get Up / Without You

Badfinger ‎– Baby Blue

Clarence Carter ‎– I Found What I Wanted (Unissued And Rare Fame Masters)

Spencer Wiggins ‎– I’m At The Breaking Point / Make Me Yours

The Names ‎– Night Shift

Minny Pops ‎– Secret Story

Γιώργος Ρωμανός ‎– Το Ρολόϊ / Μαρίνα

Μάνος Χατζιδάκις, Γιώργος Μούτσιος, Μαρία Δουράκη ‎– Ο Μύθος / Θάλασσα Πλατειά

Alice Clark / The Devonnes ‎– You Hit Me (Right Where It Hurts) / I Couldn’t Build A World (With You On The Outside)

The Montereys / Devastation ‎– Get Down / Congestion

Ανυπόφοροι ‎– 8 Φορές / Λίγο Πριν Το Τέλος

The Earthbound ‎– Just For A Change / House Full Of Fear (Live)

& more

smash it up (mixed 7″s, greek lps and greek 45s)


Mari Sono – 4 track ep (Polydor)

Renato Carosone – E Il Suo Quartetto (Pathe)

Damned – Smash It Up (Big Beat)

Traffic – Hole In My Shoe (Island)

Dinosaur Jr – The Wagon (Glitterhouse)

Prophets Of Peace – P.O.P (Secret Stash)

Lauging Soup Dish – Teenage Lima Bean (Voxx)

Leopards – Psychedelic Boy (Voxx)

B.W. Souls – Marvins Groove (Round)


And The Greeks…


Νίκος Μαμαγκάκης – Νέος Ερωτόκριτος (Lyra)

Λένα Πλάτωνος – Καρυωτάκης (Lyra)

Μάνος Χατζιδκάκις – Sweet Movie (Πολύτροπον)

Μάνος Χατζιδάκις – Ποτέ την Κυριακή (Minerva)

V/A – Πρώτος Συλλογικός (Liberta)



Will-O The Wisp – God Bless The Child (Action)

V/A – Fragmenta (Στις Σκιές του Β-23)

Όρα Μηδέν – Μόνα Λίζα (Lazy Dog)

V/A – The Stax Vinyl 7s Box (Stax)

Το ευτύχημα με τέτοια κουτάκια, πέραν του φετιχιστικού της υπόθεσης, είναι κι η αναντίρρητη ουσία. Διότι αυτά τα 7 επτάρια με 14 in-demand rare grooves από τον κατάλογο των labels της Stax, που επιμελώς επέλεξε ο Northern Soul DJ και παραγωγός του BBC, Richard Searling, αποτελούν μια από τις πλέον πολυδάπανες και δυσεύρετες συλλογές στην original μορφή τους.

60 χρόνια από τη γέννηση της Stax και όλα γίνονται κάπως πιο εύκολα.

Monday In 7″

Maximum Joy – Stretch (Y)

Cocteau Twins – Peppermint Pig (4AD)

Minny Pops –  Time (Factory)

Minny Pops – Footsteps (Plurex)

Iggy Pop – Beat My Brain (James)

Nico – I’m Not Sayin’ (Immediate)

Depeche Mode – Just Can’t Get Enough (Mute)

& more

East Gems (Japanese, Korean, Chinese 7″)

Kyu Sakamoto – 世界の国からこんにちは / これが音楽 (Toshiba)

Kyu Sakamoto -レット・キス(ジェンカ) / 皆んなで笑いましょ (Toshiba)

V/A – Gems Of Korean Music (Bando)

Ko Biho, Yoshiko Yamaguch – Chinese Favorites (Columbia)

Hide & Rossanna – Love Is Free (Columbia)

Michio Miyagi – Koto Music (Victor)

Hisako Miura, Toshiba Singing Angels, Kimiko Yamanouchi ‎– Sakura Sakura, Komoriuta (Cradle Song), Kojo No Tsuki (Toshiba)

& more